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The residence permit card is changing – your current card is valid until its expiry date

23.9.2020 8.27

The Finnish Immigration Service will start issuing new residence permit cards in the end of September 2020. The new card has a new design and new technical features.

The appearance and technical features of the new residence permit card are consistent with residence permit cards issued by other EU countries. The residence permit card has a new chip that is more difficult to forge. 

Use your current residence permit card for as long as the card is valid

You do not need to replace your current card with a new one. If you have, for example, recently been granted a permanent residence permit, your residence permit card will be valid for the following five years. After this, your card can be replaced with a new card. If you want your card to be replaced earlier, you must pay the processing fee for renewal of a residence permit card.

You can travel with the new residence permit card the same way as with the current residence permit card.

The colour of the new residence permit card is grey.

More information

You can read more about the entries on the new and the current residence permit card on the page

Updated on 23 September 2020: The sentence about travelling with a residence permit card has been revised. 

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