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Security checks to be introduced at the Finnish Immigration Service

Publication date 20.12.2018 9.20
Press release

Starting from 15 January 2019, visitors to the Finnish Immigration Service are required to undergo a security check. Everyone who enters the customer facilities must walk through a metal detection gate and have their belongings x-rayed. The purpose of the security checks is to ensure a safe working environment for customers, interpreters, counsels and employees.

Make sure to come early and be prepared for a security check

If you have an appointment, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointed time. To make the security check as smooth as possible, please take off all items that contain large amounts of metal, such as belts or large pieces of jewellery, and place them on the x-ray conveyor belt for inspection.

To make the security check quicker, we recommend that you bring with you as few items as possible.

If you have metal in your body, for instance a prosthesis or an artificial joint, you should mention this to the security officer. You should also inform the officer in case you have a cardiac pacemaker. If you have a pacemaker card, you should bring it with you.

Even sequins, metal buttons or wired undergarments may set off an alarm.

If you bring with you babies or small children, the children are carried through the metal detection gate in their parent’s arms. Children’s food and other supplies are placed on the x-ray conveyor belt.

You must go through security each time you enter the customer facilities

Please remember that you must go through security every time you enter the customer facilities. Even if you only take a break outside and return inside, you must go through security again.

At first, we will start conducting security checks in Raisio and at the Ratapihantie building in Pasila, Helsinki. Later, security checks will be introduced at other customer facilities of the Finnish Immigration Service as well.

Similar security checks are already in place in some other government facilities in Finland, such as at the Parliament and the Government and in courts.

This customer bulletin has been translated to several languages. To see the language versions, go to the page Brochures and publications.

10.1.2019 The bulletin was edited: Reference to translations in several languages was added.