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Those who apply abroad: Residence permits will be granted again starting from the decision date - the exceptional procedure is no longer used

14.5.2020 14.49
Press release

The Finnish Immigration Service has again started to grant first residence permits that have been applied for abroad so that they become valid on the day when the application is decided. Your residence permit normally becomes valid starting from the date when the positive decision on your application was made. Your residence permit can be granted to start later than the date of the decision if your studies do not start until the autumn, for example.

Due to the restrictions on entry into Finland because of the coronavirus situation, the first residence permits granted by the Finnish Immigration Service between 15 April and 7 May 2020 will start exceptionally on 14 May 2020. With this practice, we wanted to ensure that the period of validity of your residence permit will not be spent while you are waiting to move to Finland.

Your residence permit decision states when your permit starts. 

You can find more detailed information about entry into Finland with a residence permit on the website of the Border Guard. 

You may still need to wait for your residence permit card

You need to have a residence permit card when you come to Finland.

For the time being, the Finnish missions cannot hand over residence permit cards as usual. If you have questions about your card delivery, contact the mission where you have handled your matter. For information about the situation with your mission, see the website

You have received a permit starting from the decision date during the exceptional circumstances, if

Further information

Updates on our website: Keep checking the website for the latest information about the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on our services, as well as answers to frequently asked questions.