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Finnish Immigration Service closely monitoring situation in Ukraine

Publication date 25.2.2022 18.04 | Published in English on 26.2.2022 at 12.43

The Finnish Immigration Service is closely monitoring the current situation in Ukraine. So far, no impact has been observed on migration to Finland. Ukrainian nationals have submitted some twenty asylum applications in the first months of 2022.

“While no exceptional measures are currently required in light of the situation in Ukraine, we are actively monitoring developments and are prepared to respond to changes. Preparing for exceptional circumstances is an important part of the normal operations of public authorities,“ said Finnish Immigration Service Director General Jari Kähkönen.

Reception centres ready to respond to changing conditions 

Public authorities have the capacity to act quickly where required. The specific measures implemented in response to increasing numbers of asylum seekers depend on how many arrive and at what rate.

Finland’s reception centres can currently accommodate a total of about 3,500 individuals, with an additional 130 beds reserved for minors. Some 1,300 of these are available immediately.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for coordinating the assignment of asylum seekers to the 27 reception centres located around the country.

“If necessary, accommodation capacity at existing reception centres can be increased. Some 300 beds have already been added to meet a possible uptick in asylum applications. The Finnish Immigration Service has the capability to establish additional units for reception or emergency accommodation, but this is not currently necessary,” said Pekka Nuutinen, Director of the agency’s Reception Unit.

Negative decisions leading to removal from the country to Ukraine suspended

The Finnish Immigration Service is not currently making decisions on applications by Ukrainian nationals that would entail removal from the country. Positive decisions on applications for international protection and residence permits continue to be issued as normal to applicants meeting the relevant conditions.

Ukraine is a key country of origin for work-based immigration to Finland, with thousands of Ukrainian seasonal workers working in the country each year, particularly in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

The Finnish Immigration Service is currently processing about 1,700 residence permit applications submitted by Ukrainian citizens (of which some 1,100 concern first residence permits) as well as about 2,000 certificates for seasonal work. Applications continue to be processed as normal.

The Finnish Immigration Service has received a large number of enquiries from customers regarding the situation in Ukraine. We have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the situation in Ukraine, which is updated constantly to reflect new information.

Media enquiries

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This press release was published in Finnish on 25 February.