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Are you in Finland because restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic prevent you from returning home? You can apply for a temporary residence permit

25.5.2020 11.02
Press release

If it is not possible for you to return to your home country or country of permanent residence due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, you can, under certain conditions, apply for a temporary residence permit.

Apply for a temporary residence permit on the basis of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, if:

  • the police cannot extend the validity of your visa;
  • your visa-free residence period has ended; 
  • your previous temporary residence permit is about to expire and you do not have grounds for permit extension; or
  • you are not planning to remain in Finland on other grounds, such as work, studies or family ties.

If you apply for a temporary residence permit:

  • Fill in the application form entitled OLE_MUU available on our website.
  • Check on our website which appendices you need to attach to your application. 
  • Bring or send the completed application to us. 

a. Book an appointment at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service through the appointment system (service category: Residence permit, service: Other grounds) and bring the completed application with you to the appointment; or
b. send the application to us by post or email, and we will send you an invitation to come and identify yourself at a service point. 

You cannot use Enter Finland to apply for this residence permit.

The application fee is EUR 150 for adults and EUR 100 for children. These fees only apply to the temporary residence permit applied for on the grounds of restrictions due to the coronavirus.

The temporary residence permit granted on the grounds of restrictions due to the coronavirus will be valid until 31 October 2020. The date the application becomes pending does not affect the validity period of the residence permit.

The following in themselves are not sufficient grounds for obtaining a residence permit:

  • Financial reasons, such as high travel costs
  • The fact that there are no direct flights or other direct transport connections available to your home country or your country of residence
  • The fact that the coronavirus situation is worse in your home country or country of residence than it is in Finland

If you have paid a full fee for your application, we will refund the difference to you 

If you have already applied for a temporary residence permit on other grounds because of coronavirus restrictions and have paid the regular fee for a residence permit application (first residence permit EUR 520 per adult and permit extension EUR 260 per adult), send a refund request to [email protected] We will refund the difference to you when we have processed your request. We are busy processing requests – please wait for us to contact you. 

Further information

Updates are available on our website: Keep checking the website for the latest information about the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on our services, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. We will provide information about any changes without delay.

If you are staying in Finland with a valid visa, contact the Police. The Police provide answers regarding the extension of visas. For further information, visit the website of the Finnish police.

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