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The Government Programme proposes changes but they require preparation and will not come into effect immediately – Follow our website for the most recent information available

Publication date 22.6.2023 11.00
Press release

We are currently receiving lots of questions about the Government Programme of Finland’s new government. The Government Programme is a political action plan agreed on by the parties in Government. It describes the Government’s objectives and main areas of activity. All changes proposed by the Government and included in the Government Programme will require preparation. They do not enter into force right away. At the moment, it is not known when any of the planned changes will enter into force.

The Finnish Parliament (Eduskunta) enacts laws. The Finnish Immigration Service does not draft legislation and does not decide on new laws.

So far, no changes have been made. We do not yet know how the planned changes would affect new applications or applications that already have been submitted. If changes are made and your application is affected, we will contact you.

We understand that the planned changes may cause uncertainty and that questions may arise. As soon as there is more information about any changes, we will inform of them. The most recent information available will always be on our website.

The Ministries implement the Government Programme, draft laws and drive reforms forward. If you want to know more about the changes that are being planned, you can follow the legislation project website of the Government: Preparation of legislation and development projects of the Government (available in Finnish and Swedish, The Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment supervise the work of the Finnish Immigration Service.

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Updated 3 July 2023: Translations to Ukrainian, Russian, French, Spanish and Kurmanji (Kurdish) added to the language versions.

Updated 4 July 2023: Translations to Somali, Sorani (Kurdish), Farsi, Dari and Arabic added to the language versions.