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Are you applying for a new residence permit card or Finnish citizenship? Appointments for 2024 are now available for booking

Publication date 5.12.2023 12.45
Press release

If you are applying for a new residence card or Finnish citizenship and need to go to a service point to identify yourself, appointments for early 2024 are not available for booking. Please follow these guidelines if you are booking an appointment at a service point in 2023 for the start of 2024.

From 2 January 2024, the time required for renewing a residence card, applying for citizenship or submitting a citizenship application at the service point will be 20 minutes. Until the end of 2023, 30 minutes must be allowed for these applications.

Please note that applying for a new residence card is different from applying for an extension. You can apply for a new residence card in these cases:

  • you have a permanent residence permit (P) and your residence card is about to expire or has expired, or 
  • have a valid residence permit (A, B or P permit) and
    • you have lost your residence card,
    • your residence card is damaged and illegible, or
    • the personal data on your residence permit card have changed.

Fill in your application in Enter Finland before booking your appointment

We recommend that you fill in the application form in advance using the Enter Finland e-service. If you log in to Enter Finland with, for example, your online banking credentials, you don't necessarily need to visit a service point. Find out more on our Identification page.

If you are applying for citizenship and cannot use Enter Finland, fill in a paper application before visiting the service point. Applications for the renewal of your residence card are available online only.

How to book an appointment with our appointment service

  1. Go to the appointment service at
  2. Select "Book now".
  3. Select “For one person" if you are booking an appointment for yourself only. If your family member is also applying for a new residence card or citizenship at the same time, select “For a family".
  4. Select the service category "Residence permit" or “Citizenship matters", depending on which you are applying for.
  5. Select service “7. Renewal of residence permit card (as of 2 January 2024)" or "5. Citizenship (from 2 January 2024)" depending on which one you apply for.
  6. Select the office you want to visit.
  7. Press "Search availability".
  8. Choose a time that suits you and fill in the information required by the appointment service.

Please note that these times are only for residence card renewal or citizenship matters. For other applications, the time required is still 30 minutes, so it is important that you make an appointment for the right type of application.

Normal booking resumes from 2 January 2024

Our appointment service will be updated on 2 January 2024. After that, all appointments for the renewal of the residence permit card, the citizenship application or the citizenship declaration will be 20 minutes. Choose the right service for you in the appointment service according to your application.

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