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Seasonal worker – learn which permit you must apply for

Publication date 8.5.2023 14.38
Press release

If you are not a resident of an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you must have a seasonal work permit. In Finland, seasonal workers are hired in the horticulture, agriculture, forestry, and hospitality sectors, for example.

See the list detailing what is considered seasonal work.

Checklist for seasonal workers

The duration of your employment determines which permit you must apply for

Start using Enter Finland

  • We recommend using the Enter Finland online service for submitting applications. By using Enter Finland, you pay less for your application. In most cases, you will receive a decision faster than if you submit your application on paper.
  • Your employer can also register for the service in the Enter Finland for Employers service and supplement your application. This means your employer can speed up the processing of your application. You must authorise your employer to use the service in your own Enter Finland application in order for your employer to supplement your application with the required information.


Track the processing of your application easily online

We process applications from seasonal workers in the order they are submitted. However, we try to consider the start date of the employment when processing the applications.    

We try to process all applications related to the same employer at the same time. 

You can track the processing of your application easily online: 

  • When you apply for a seasonal work permit in Enter Finland, you can track its processing in Enter Finland.
  • If you have applied for a seasonal work residence permit, you can check the status of your application on our website by asking the Kamu chatbot. Kamu will check the processing status of your application among all other applications with the same type of matter and processing grounds. Read more on the Kamu chatbot page
  • We update the status of seasonal work permit application processing on the Seasonal work page weekly during the seasonal work season. 


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