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Customers’ satisfaction with our services has increased since last year

Publication date 9.12.2021 15.21

Our customers are now more satisfied with our services than before. More than 600 customers took part in a survey conducted in October.

The mean satisfaction score for the services of the Finnish Immigration Service was 3.55 on a scale of 1 to 5. Last year, the corresponding score was 3.46. Our customers are most satisfied with the service provided at our service points, via email and on Facebook. Sixty-four per cent of those who answered the survey found that they were attended to the same way as other customers.

Development through cooperation

Our customers provide us with important information about how  our services are working and how we can further develop them. The survey also highlighted several developmental needs. Like last year, customers were especially hoping for shorter waiting times and faster processing of applications. In addition, customers wanted to have more accurate estimations of the processing times of applications and a chat service with a customer service person instead of a robot answering the questions.

We are currently developing many of the services our customers have wished for. We are also continuing to improve the processing of applications. Especially the processing time of residence permit applications on the basis of work has become shorter thanks to advancements in the processing of applications. Next year, we will substantially improve our telephone service. More detailed information about our services will be published next year. Follow our customer bulletins.

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