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Backlog in the processing of citizenship applications

14.5.2021 12.26

At present, there is backlog in the processing of citizenship applications. Approximately 8786 applications are currently waiting for processing.

The backlog is the worst in the case of applications where further clarification is required during the processing. We are able to process fastest applications where the customer has come to Finland with a permit obtained in advance, the customer has a national passport and the general prerequisites for the granting of citizenship are met. 

We recently updated the processing time checker at with new processing time estimates for citizenship applications. 

Please wait for your decision without haste

We understand that the decisions we make have a major impact on the lives of our customers. We attempt to process all applications as quickly as possible.

If you have not received a decision yet, please continue to wait without hurrying. We will contact you if we need any further clarification regarding your application.

What has caused the backlog?

Even this year, employees are needed for processing urgent residence permit applications, which has led to a lack of employees in the processing of citizenship applications. The coronavirus outbreak and the stricter recommendations have also delayed the processing of citizenship applications. 

The expected processing time is an estimate. The estimate you have possibly been given may have become longer because of the backlog.

Use the Kamu chatbot to check how your application is progressing

Kamu will inform you of where your application stands in the process for applications waiting for a decision. Kamu will check the progress of your application among other submitted applications with the same case type and processing basis. For more information, see the page

Citizenship declarations are processed within the normal schedule

There is no backlog in the processing of citizenship declarations. The expected processing times of different declaration types can be checked from the processing time checker or on the page regarding the application in question at

The customer bulletin has been edited on 28 May 2021.