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Prepaid cards for asylum seekers can be used for the time being

5.10.2018 15.41
Press release

For the time being, the MONI and PFS prepaid cards will remain valid for the reception allowance and wage payments to asylum seekers.

Employers can also credit wages to prepaid cards as normal.

The cards have been tested in some reception centres. The objective is to make Prepaid Financial Services Ltd's prepaid card, known as the PFS Card, available in all reception centres.

Last week, we announced that the introduction of new cards will be delayed. We will continue to investigate whether prepaid cards can be made more widely available for permanent use.

You can apply for the new MONI cards for wage payments

The MONI cards are again being issued for wage payments. If you need a new prepaid card for your wages, you can apply for it by contacting the MONI card customer service.

We will inform you about the availability of the cards by early November.