The supplier of asylum-seekers’ prepaid cards is facing delivery problems – what to do if your Moni card does not work

23.1.2019 12.38 | Published in English on 25.1.2019 at 13.51
Press release

The supplier of Moni cards, which are intended for paying reception allowances and wages to asylum-seekers, is currently facing delivery problems. Therefore, new Moni cards cannot be allocated for the time being.

The Finnish Immigration Service has been piloting prepaid cards intended for the payment of reception allowances and wages in some reception centres. The cards of Prepaid Financial Services Ltd, or PFS, are also in use at the reception centres in addition to the Moni card. The delivery problems do not concern PFS cards.

If your card works, you need not contact the reception centre or Moni’s customer service. In that case, you can continue to use your card normally.

If your Moni card does not work:

  • If you are a customer of the reception centre at Nihtisilta, Robert Huberin tie or Ruukki, please contact your reception centre. If your card cannot be fixed, you will receive a PFS prepaid card. Your money will be transferred to the new card.
  • If you are not a customer of the above reception centres, please contact Moni card customer service directly at [email protected]. Give your customer number to the reception centre’s customer service. If the customer service cannot fix your card, they will explain to you how you can replace the Moni card with a PFS card. Your money will be transferred to the new card.

We cannot allocate new cards for paying wages for the time being.

We regret the inconvenience this may cause to our customers.

New prepaid cards will be introduced in 2019

We are intending to introduce the PFS prepaid card in all reception centres in 2019. We will provide more information on this when we have learned more about the introduction of new cards.

See this customer bulletin in Arabic: مشاكل تسليم لمتعهد بطاقات طالبي اللجوء المسبقة الدفع - قم بما يلي إذا كانت بطاقتك غير فعالة

Customer bulletin