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The fee for the certificate of an asylum seeker’s right to work has changed 1 January 2020

Publication date 15.1.2020 16.00
Press release

The fees for certificate requests from the Finnish Immigration Service increased on 1 January 2020. When you, as an asylum seeker, apply for a certificate of your right to work, you will be charged 50 euros.

The processing fees collected by the Finnish Immigration Service are based on a decree by the Ministry of the Interior. The fee revision also applies to other certificate requests.

If you are an asylum seeker or the employer of an applicant and you wish to have a certificate of the right to work, you can submit a request for one. Please attach to your certificate request a receipt or other proof that the processing fee has been paid.

The following are accepted as receipt or proof of payment:

  • a receipt that shows that the fee has been paid
  • an extract from the credit card bill which shows that the money has been debited from the account
  • a bank statement that shows that the money has been debited from the account

Submit the certificate request to the Finnish Immigration Service

If you are performing paid work as an asylum seeker, you need to have the right to work. When you find a job, you must check whether your right to work has begun and whether it is still in force.

If you need a certificate of your right to work, fill in the relevant form on our website. Instructions for ordering and paying for certificates are available on our website at migri.fi/en/certificate-requests.

The quickest way to obtain a certificate is to submit the request to the Finnish Immigration Service by email or post. If you cannot submit the request by email, you can bring your certificate request document to a service point.

In 2020, our service points will accept certificate requests as follows:

  • the Käenkuja Service Point in Helsinki – on Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. (from 23 January 2020)
  • other service points – on all service days (take a queuing number).

We will mail the certificate of your right to work to the address you have submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service or your reception centre. You cannot obtain the certificate from a service point.

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