The programme for monitoring the reception system has been updated

2.10.2019 12.40
Press release

The national monitoring programme for the reception system for asylum seekers has been updated.

The Finnish Immigration Service is responsible for the coordination, planning and supervision of the operations of all reception centres for asylum seekers. Within the agency, this task is mainly carried out by the Reception Unit. The reception centres in Finland are maintained by several operators, foremost by municipalities and the Finnish Red Cross.

The monitoring programme, which has now been updated, has been applied since 2016. The supervision has been further developed ever since.

– The position of the Finnish Immigration Service makes it possible for us to conduct supervision in a way that combines traditional subsequent control with a very wide-ranging advance control. A good and functioning cooperation between the Finnish Immigration Service and the reception centres is an important factor. This requires that clear ground rules and good interaction are established, any problems identified are addressed and operations are developed as well, says Olli Snellman, Head of Section at the Reception Unit.

The updated programme now better describes the objectives of the monitoring and of reception centre operations, what the monitoring includes and how it is carried out in practice.

The monitoring report for the year 2019 will be published in spring next year. You can read the national monitoring programme for the reception system for asylum seekers here (only available in Finnish).

Facts: What is being monitored?

The Finnish Immigration Service supervises the

  • reception operations in practice
  • costs of the reception operations
  • facilities of the reception centres
  • maintenance of preparedness
  • contracts made with operators maintaining the reception centres.

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