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Do you need a copy of the EU registration certificate? See the instructions here

8.3.2021 13.34

Have you registered your right of residence but lost the registration certificate? You can request a copy of the certificate for the registration of an EU citizen's right of residence from the Finnish Immigration Service.

Do this: 

  • Request a certificate using this form Request for a certificate from the Finnish Immigration Service, TOD_P.
    • Pay the processing fee EUR 50. Instructions on how to pay are provided on the form.
    • When you submit your certificate request, attach a receipt or other reliable proof of having paid the processing fee. Include a copy of your identity card or passport. You can get the certificate in English, Finnish or Swedish.

    • Under “I hereby request the Finnish Immigration Service to issue a certificate for myself or for my child regarding”, select the option “another matter, please specify:” Under “for which purpose”, add your request for a copy of the certificate of an EU citizen’s right of residence. 

  • Send your request to the Finnish Immigration Service by e-mail: [email protected] You can also send it by fax or post. Read the instructions on how to send your request on migri.fi/certificate-requests.

If you are a British citizen,

do not send a certificate request. Instead, apply for right of residence or permanent residence under the withdrawal agreement on Enter Finland online service. You can use the online service to download a certificate of a pending application. Remember to submit your application no later than 30 September 2021. Read more about the permits under the withdrawal agreement on migri.fi/en/brexit.